eMenuCHOICE - Transforming Dining for Senior Living

eMenuCHOICE is a dining management and point of sale (POS) application for senior living communities designed to eliminate communication barriers while enabling person-centered choices, maximizing accuracy, streamlining kitchen operations and simplifying complex billing requirements.

eMenuCHOICE is versatile and will complement your current processes whether you are pre-ordering, cooking to order for a sit down restaurant or taking orders in your fast-casual cafe. In fact, eMenuCHOICE can support all of these processes simultaneously for multiple venues on a senior living or CCRC campus.

Developed by a senior care provider, eMenuCHOICE was created with YOU in mind! It is easy to learn, easy to use, and its flexibility fits perfectly in independent living, assisted living, memory care transitional care and and long term care settings.

The Software

Designed for Senior Housing & Skilled Nursing Communities by a Senior Care Provider

Main Functional Areas

Placing Meal Orders

Promotes choice and greater satisfaction by engaging residents in meal ordering and evaluating menu items.

Preparing & Serving Orders

Increases efficiency by using mobile technology for real-time ordering and updates.

Reporting & Administration

Saves time by making administration simple and billing a painless (and paperless!) process.

Real choice in their hands.
Greater control in yours.

Features & Benefits

9 Ways eMenuCHOICE enhances the dining experience

Promotes Resident Choice

Expanded menu options, individual food preferences, and a food-rating system empowers resident choice and ensures greater satisfaction.

Reduces Confusion

Simple photos with descriptions and optional audio descriptions make it easy for residents to understand meal options and ensures clear communication among staff and residents.

Enhances Safety

Flags for food allergies, intolerances, and diet restrictions prevent order mistakes for resident health and safety.

Streamlines Processes

Streamlines meal ordering and fulfillment processes for both front-line and kitchen staff in skilled nursing and assisted living settings.

Simplifies Administration

Supports complex billing environments including a la carte dining and offers flexible payment options including bill to account, pay by credit car or meal credits, and free items.

Improves Staff Efficiency

Touchscreen ordering technology transmits orders to the kitchen electronically, saving time and reducing mistakes caused by handwritten tickets.

Updates in Real Time

Touchscreen technology allows for real-time order transmission, changes, and updates to the kitchen, reducing waste and expense.

Simplifies Menu Management

Features over 600 preloaded menu items, with options to build custom menus; plan and schedule ahead in just a few clicks.

Automates Reporting

Consolidated billing and report generation simplifies work and saves time.

Break down communication barriers with images and descriptions of the food choices you offer.

Personalize your dining experience with resident photos. Great for new or temporary staff to engage residents.

Print tickets from the dining room directly to the kitchen, or use eMenuCHOICE Live Order virtual tickets.


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