About Us

Every day, eMenuCHOICE helps thousands of residents enjoy true choice in dining while also helping their communities save time and money with each meal served.

eMenuCHOICE was developed by Lyngblomsten, a Minnesota-based nonprofit that’s been at the forefront of providing innovative healthcare, housing, and community-based services to older adults and their families for over 110 years. Through a series of process improvements over a couple years, Lyngblomsten staff moved from a paper-based dining management system to a web-based mobile software application.

Originally motivated by using technology to break down communication barriers and give residents true choice with dining options in our skilled nursing facility, we soon saw how the system could do the same for senior housing.

Today eMenuCHOICE is a robust application that breaks down communication barriers, streamlines workflow and increases efficiency, simplifies menu management, and more.

We practiced on ourselves, and now eMenuCHOICE is ready to transform your organization’s dining experience!

But don’t just take our word for it. eMenuCHOICE has been honored with two awards:

  • The 2017 Bronze Award for Innovator of the Year in the McKnight’s Excellence in Technology competition, and
  • The 2015 LeadingAge Minnesota Leading Change Innovation Award.

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Lyngblomsten is a Christian nonprofit organization serving older adults and their families through healthcare, housing, and community-based services. Partnered in ministry with more than two dozen Christian congregations across the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul in Minnesota, a continuum of care meets the needs of adults as they travel the later years of their life’s journey. Our services nurture the whole person—body, mind, and spirit.

For more than a century, Lyngblomsten has been caring for the elderly and providing support for their loved ones while engaging the hearts of generous volunteers and donors who help carry out our mission:

Influenced by Christ, Lyngblomsten provides a ministry of compassionate care and innovative services to older adults in order to preserve and enhance their quality of life.